Identity theft from online dating

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The thieves steal a child’s personal information — such as a Social Security number — and then proceed to build a credit profile capable of duping lenders for years.

Or, even worse, someone close to the child — a parent, aunt, uncle or family friend — uses the minor’s data to get credit cards, cellphones or utility accounts in the minor’s name. Last year, more than 1 million children were victims of identity fraud, according to a new survey by Javelin Strategy & Research. An overwhelming majority (66 percent) of the young identity-theft victims were under 8.

“However, a proactive file freeze is a drastic solution that we only recommend when a child’s identity is being used fraudulently.

Fraudsters have used the file freeze process as a way to created a file, when one did not exist, and then use it to perpetrate fraud against a minor.” Only 29 states allow parents, legal guardians or other representatives to place a freeze.

Who wants to turn in his or her mother, who might have committed fraud just to make ends meet? You want to keep a roof over their heads,” Pascual said.

“It’s not justifiable, but it’s understandable.” Now comes the question of what do to if you discover your child’s identity has been stolen. Contact the three major credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and Trans Union — to see if a credit file exists.

On the site, search for “Security freeze state laws.” If you can’t get a freeze, regularly monitor your child’s credit reports. Be sure to contact all the businesses where you see fraudulent accounts. This can be a hard decision for adults if the perpetrator is a parent.In the lengthy, rambling post written on Thursday, O'Connor, 50, also revealed she remains in the hospital after she alarmingly posted she was suicidal in a Travel Lodge in New Jersey on August 3.The Irish singer's message is the latest in a series of public cries for help after years of battling depression.The singer's troubles have been further fueled by a messy and bitter legal dispute in Ireland with her manager, a former lover who she is now involved in litigation with.O'Connor had spent time in a suburb of Chicago last year being cared for by friends, and has also spent time seeking help for her mental health issues at a facility in California.

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