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Hot chat simple text

For example: Adding a suffix to a word often changes the spelling of the stem of the word. Again there are exceptions, so if you're not sure - look it up in your dictionary.

You may be confused by some differences in spelling that are actually caused by the differences between American (Am E) and British (Br E) English spelling.

" One reason is that English has adopted words from many other languages, sometimes we keep the spelling and sometimes we change it to suit us.

In England words were written as they sounded (phonetically) and so one word could often be spelt in many different ways, seemingly you only need to look at original Shakespeare manuscripts to see this chaos in action.

As you learn English you will notice the pronunciation of a word often bears no resemblance to the way it is spelt, (sorry) usually you will find a historical reason for this. In fact, I often apologise for the horrors of English spelling, along with my rather frequent apologies for English pronunciation, this means I do a lot of apologising, but it's a fact: To speak English well, you need vocabulary, a nice accent, and good grammar. Cartoon from " Michael Leunig © - Published with permission. 0;elseif(b){if(this.o)for(d=0;c=this.o[d ];)a=Uh(c,a);c=this. H=d)&&d.length);n.activate=function(a);n.deactivate=function();n.focus=function();Id=l("w");,b);n.qc=function();function fk(a) function gk(a) function ek(a) function hk(a) ;function ik() w(ik,nh);n=ik.prototype;n.install=function(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,k,m,p) function Pk(a,b,c) function Ok(a,b,c) function Qk(a,b,c) Mk.prototype.

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The good news is that although many English words have irregular spellings there are some rules that can help you.

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