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Hot boy dating games

The game plan: Don't let him feel like he has a guaranteed spot on your social calendar.Simply let your guy know that you're very interested in getting're not at tango class, working on your screenplay or dining with friends.Casually talk to cute men in his presence, mention male friends in your conversations ("Javier said the funniest thing the other day..."), and let him witness other guys checking you out.According to a study from Mc Gill University in Montreal, boys will battle just for the competition."Being booked was all it took to jostle him into action," says Georgia.How everybody wins: Maintaining your own life acts like claustrophobia kryptonite.

"Initially, I was digging him, but he would spend more time people watching than he would focusing on me."When you show that you like him but your world doesn't revolve around him, it says you're confident and self-reliant — two very sexy traits to a guy," says Argov."Men often fear losing their independence, but when a woman hints that she doesn't need a guy, suddenly his fears of being smothered vanish and he's begging to be penned into your day planner." And, says Kreidman, "too many women brush off their friends and hobbies for a man.So the next weekend, I told him I couldn't make it." Dom's reaction?He quickly surprised her with tickets to the theater and a bouquet of roses for the following Sunday.

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I just said teasingly, 'Well, I certainly don't stay home alone.' I could see the intrigue was killing him." How everybody wins: Where there's secrecy, there's interest.

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