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"Good afternoon, my name is Cindy, I'll be your driver today, and I'm here to make sure you have everything you need for an enjoyable ride." Cindy's eyes twinkled with the knowledge of a limo driver who had already done the math when she saw this trio of passengers.

She looked at Kathy and smiled, a co-conspirator in this plot, the driver of the getaway vehicle.

A one-way trip to Atlanta was never more pleasurable. After the outdoor shower and the wonderful dual blow job administered upon me by Kathy and our new friend, Mary, I sat on the patio while the women went upstairs to change into their attire for the limo ride to Atlanta.

Since Mary was much taller than the petite Kathy and couldn't wear anything in her wardrobe, Mary had brought a small bag of clothes to change into, so it was clear that the ladies had orchestrated this plan with great forethought.

"Ah've always wanted to watch." My dick rose at this sexy revelation. "Ah want to see how it feels to be watched when fucking mah lover." Titanium now.

"And to watch mah lover fuck another woman." She leaned back to kiss me over her shoulder, her blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders as she did so. Ah've waited fifteen years, and now ah have four hours NOT to be innocent, to live out all of mah desires.

"Come here, beautiful, you look gorgeous from what I can see, so come closer." Kathy almost bashfully opened the screen door and eased through it, and my heart again fluttered like a schoolboy's.

Her long, angular frame was adorned in a aqua blue, sleeveless, lace camisole blouse, and she wore a slate gray, short cotton miniskirt.As much as Mary was turning me on, I got the feeling that she was much wilder than Kathy, a female Lothario.Kathy had already shared with me that I was her first extra-marital lover, and naively or not, I believed her.Her large freckled tits peeked out invitingly from the dress, displaying ample yet tasteful cleavage.The best contrast I can convey was that Mary and Kathy reminded me of Veronica and Betty from the old Archie comics.

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"Although, ma'am, if I may say so, it looks like y'all may already have all the entertainment y'all will need." Cindy then turned to me, and said, "Your clubs are already in the trunk, sir. "Ma'am, do you mind if I leave the divider window down so that I can hear you and see you back there? " Kathy eased into the rear of the limo, on one side of me while Mary hooked her arm under mine on the other side. I have a feeling you could be most accommodating." Shortly after we had exited the Hilton Head Country Club plantation neighborhood where Kathy lived, Cindy turned the limo onto Highway 278.