Glen hansard and marketa irglova dating

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Glen hansard and marketa irglova dating

But I’d been watching MT USA and so I soon realised.

Irglova had been classically trained on piano from an early age but also brought up on her father's Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell records.I guess what I'm saying is that when you need it, your instrument is often medicinal."You pick up your diary or your guitar when you are feeling miserable or reflective or when you're in that half-mood which I guess has a melancholic atmosphere."The Swell Season will spend the rest of the year touring the US, landing in Scotland in time for Celtic Connections in January."It would be very easy to say this record is about my relationship with Mar and to a large extent it is, but it would also be untrue to say that it's exclusively about Mar," he says, describing it as an "audio diary"."What I find most interesting about diaries is that the happy day is always blank.There's an idea that happiness is quiet and sadness is loud because stuff is created out of sadness.

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“I bumped into him when I was about 15,” the now 43-year-old Hansard recalls.

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