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There you have it, folks: 4 Reasons Why Husbands Cheat.Of course, these aren’t the only reasons a husband might cheat, and I’m not making a public declaration that any of the above listed actions automatically means a husband will cheat; however, I have observed many relationships in my day, spoken to different couples, and reviewed several studies on relationships and infidelity that support the idea that these 4 are great contributing factors to infidelity in marriage by husbands (and wives; but that is for another article).

However, I also believe that as ladies we must be careful of the saying, “start as you’d like to finish”.In fact, excessive nagging will successfully push him away from you and increase the likelihood that he will feel drawn into the arms of a non-nagging, supportive, uplifting woman. He Has No Boundaries Set Up With Female Friends I watched an interview recently in which Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Ranch in Los Angeles, was asked how he avoided infidelity in his long-standing marriage to his wife, Kay Warren, for 40 years. He said that in honesty, he has a desire to sleep with the beautiful women he sees and so, he protects himself and his marriage from infidelity by never being alone with a woman.Yes, you read right – HE IS NEVER ALONE IN A ROOM WITH ONE WOMAN. But, to a man that has every intention of maintaining fidelity in his marriage, “crazy” and “extreme” are lengths he’s willing to go to in order to protect himself, his wife, and his marriage from ever-tempting lustful desires.After a few seconds, the wife picked up a pack of pepperoni, told her husband that she wanted to get it, and asked if he would want it.Politely, her husband said he didn’t want the pepperoni and the wife quickly dropped it back in annoyance.

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I’m not saying to live in daily anxiety of not being “pretty enough” or “skinny enough”.