Geological strata dating

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Is Grand Canyon a monument to the passing of the geologic ages? Was the Canyon the product of a little water over a very long time?

Or, was Grand Canyon sculpted by a lot of water during very little time?

Sedimentary strata of Grand Canyon (sandstone, limestone, and shale) are understood by the evolutionist to represent products of the passage of millions of years as calm and placid seas advanced and retreated over a dozen times on top of the continents.

Grand Canyon erosion is supposed to have occurred very slowly during tens of millions of years by the almost trivial but incessant action of the small Colorado River.

The Redwall Limestone, the reddish cliff outcropping at half of the Canyon’s depth, was thought to have formed in a shallow continental shelf from a slowly advancing, very placid ocean.

That widespread squid-bearing limestone layer appears to have been deposited within minutes during a mass-kill event by a submarine mudflow.

FRAMEWORK OF ASSUMPTIONS The evolutionist comes to the Grand Canyon with the dominant paradigm of our culture.

The Canyon gives us a glimpse of the primitive earth from which, according to the popular model, the present earth slowly evolved during more than a billion years.

One is an evolutionist, and the other is a creationist.

They come to understand the evidence within the earth, and they are at the Canyon to decipher the clues to the inside story of the ground beneath their feet.

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The erosion of Grand Canyon likely occurred during the years after the global flood.