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On the other hand, Tom wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer. And even if my wife stormed out whenever Tom got me on my knees in front of her, what did he care? I let go and watched him start to fuck her from between their legs. " My wife had a huge, shaking orgasm under the two of us. "See," Tom started, "he doesn't even need to be told." Tom moved from between my wife's legs and positioned himself between mine. My ass had learned how to open up for him by now and he took full advantage of that fact, essentially fucking me the same way as he had been fucking my wife. " "I know he likes it when I reach around and rub his hole during sex," my wife replied.

He'd still end up fucking me and getting off himself regardless of whether my life was in shambles. Forced to suck and fuck this stud in front of my sweet, unsuspecting wife. He started out with shallow thrusts, letting my wife's pussy get used to the first cock other than my own to penetrate her in a decade. Once she came down from her high, Tom pulled out of her. I grabbed his cock again, this time lining the tip up to my waiting entrance. "I had no idea he liked this." After a couple of minutes fucking my ass missionary, he pulled out and told me to bend over. I looked up at my wife and she was rubbing her pussy frantically as she watched the cum literally get fucked out of me.

- other than the truth, Tom put it out there bluntly. I picked up the pace, putting on a bit of a show for her.

"Well, your husband posted an online ad looking for a new friend ..." "Wait, what? To the surprise of both of us, she seemed to be getting really turned on watching me suck this man off.

" Tom positioned himself in a pushup position above my wife.

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I just hoped my wife would surprise me and be into it. And from the little time I've known him, he really does seem to love you. He doesn't really want this to be happening - at least the you being here and finding out part. Until Tom started talking about it a couple weeks ago, I had never considered watching my wife with another man. My cock swung beneath me with the momentum of the fucking. Make me cum." "Tell your wife you love my cock in your ass." "I love Tom's cock in my ass, baby. She didn't like her ass hole played with as much as I did, but she enjoyed it being rubbed every now and then. I imagined his cock pulsing, shooting his seed deep inside of my wife. About 10 minutes later, Tom asked what we wanted to do next.

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He was a funny guy and he and my wife hit it off immediately. I took a deep breath, shifted forward in my seat and leaned forward to take his softened cock in my wet mouth. " "Well, he gives me great oral, so I'm not entirely surprised he would be good at it. I always enjoyed it when she had taken me in her mouth, and Tom seemed to be enjoying it too, but I was definitely the better cocksucker in our marriage. He told me to suck his balls while my wife sucked his cock. I could feel Tom's pelvis bump my hand as he fucked her and I masturbated her. Knowing my wife loved being fingered as I gave her oral, I slipped two fingers into her soaking folds. I barely heard the door close as Tom left over her screams while I fucked her, determined to please her before depositing a second man's load inside of her ... It's exactly my fantasy and my dream that I hope comes true one day.

If I didn't already know the personal history between he and I, I could see this guy being someone who just came over to watch a football game and hang out with on weekends. I started sucking his cock and felt the now familiar sensation of his member growing in my mouth. I looked at her with the corner of my eye and I continued getting the cock in my mouth harder. And you seem to be enjoying yourself ..." "Oh, I am," Tom responded. I lowered my head and took one of the shaved globes into my mouth and swirled his testicle with my tongue. My wife and I were both on our knees, submitting to this man. Every time Tom pushed into my ass, my fingers pushed into her pussy. I too am a married cocksucker who loves getting fucked by big cocks and being a hot hung man's bitch.

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