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Ecuador is a beautiful country full of interesting places to visit and beautiful mountain scenery.

The people are friendly, the cost of living is reasonable and the weather is springlike most of the year.

I don’t think that Jill would have survived very long living in Georgia either.

there are diseases and dangers no matter where you live and you have to adjust to that fact.

In our case, living in Ecuador is a perfect fit and we are glad we decided to live here.

We recognize, however, that living here is not for everyone and we strongly suggest that anyone contemplating a move here do what our wise friends Ann and Andy did and come down for a visit before making a decision.

Ann and Andy came to the conclusion that, in their case, they are better off living in the States, and that is OK.

Andy commented on the condition of the sidewalks in Cuenca which are often full of holes and other obstacles and noted that his well worn knees could not take the beating of walking on such uneven surfaces on a regular basis.

We had the opportunity to chat with Ann and Andy during their visit to Cuenca and they were very candid with us regarding some things that they found unappealing about life here.

For example, Andy discovered that there are some food items that he really likes, such as pretzels and peanut butter, that are either unavailable or are much more expensive here.

Of course anyone can learn those facts by reading a guide book or visiting a tourism web site.

It would appear that Ecuador, especially Cuenca, is a paradise for retirees or anyone wishing to change their life style.

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