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This style of game is especially great if you want to keep the peace during a family function, or if you have that one friend who gets too cutthroat during competitive board games.Most modern board games are designed with larger groups in mind, and though many include two-player rules, those modes can be convoluted and less fun than the original.Board games are for everyone, so we have picks for new gamers, more advanced players, those looking for party or two-player games, and those who prefer cooperative play to competition.This guide is a starting point to find games that are fun, interactive, and challenging, and our picks are a great introduction for anyone looking to get more into games.

We think they’re great next-step options for most people (not super-serious gamers) looking for more of a mental challenge.Clank: This deck-building game came recommended to us as a more fun and accessible alternative to the popular Dominion.But it took us far longer to play than the estimated time on the box, and players can “die” with zero points and then have to wait out the rest of the game.Photosynthesis: We were excited to try Photosynthesis, which has stunning art and a rare theme that doesn’t center on capitalism.Unfortunately, the game was extremely slow and not very interactive.

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For this category, we looked for games that shone with only two players, and weren’t checkers, chess, or Go.

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