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It was a couple of hours before closing time and there were quite a few people grabbing items from the gift card rack or poking around the holiday aisle for last-minute gifts. Out to the parking lot and on the way home my fantasy brain had visions of Ria dancing in my head and me nibbling on her nice sugar plums. "Well, if you must know, I don't really need any of this stuff. "I'm not sure whether you're joking or not." I just smiled. My Christmas gift to you." "Thank you," she said happily. We chit-chatted a bit more about nothing, listened to Bruce Springsteen sing, 'Santa Claus is Comin' to Town,' and all too quickly I pulled up to her apartment. Her sweater still showed a lot of skin and when she turned I saw her top shape for the first time. I stood up as best I could when she came towards the couch. "Merry Christmas." "And to you," I said as we clinked glasses. My hands fumbled slightly with the button on her pants.

I grabbed some duck breasts, Brussels sprouts, baby red potatoes, and a nice locally brewed ale. "By now he's at his uncle's cabin enjoying his second Christmas of the day. "He's fascinated by technology and building stuff, so we got him a computer and things like that to play with. Damn, I was getting a little stiff just thinking about it. I just needed an excuse to see you again so I rushed over here before you closed. "But since you're here and I think I can trust you, maybe you can help me out." "Sure," I said seriously. " "My co-worker who was going to give me a ride home left early and I'm stuck for a ride home, so..." "... She had to finish closing her register so I went outside and warmed up my car. I took a sip of the whiskey and sat back down on the couch. As I opened them and tugged on her zipper, I breathed in deeply, smelling her natural perfume.

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Remember when she and Jay Z wouldn't even fess up to being a couple?

I pulled Ria close again and kissed her deeply again.

I touched her everywhere I could reach while kissing her, and her hand instinctively went to my cock. I thought for a moment about picking her up and carrying her to her bedroom, but she guided me over towards the tree then dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth.

I think I spent more time on Poker Stars than I did on my job, but I got done what needed to be done by quitting time. X-rated thoughts about coming up behind her and sliding my hand down the front of her pants. The supermarket was open for another twenty minutes. As I walked back in the store for the second time that day I heard someone on the PA system announce "the store will be closing in five minutes." I grabbed some eggs, half-and-half, cheese and tortillas and got behind another customer in her lane. " I asked, trying to keep my eyes on the road and not stare too long at her lest she think I'm some perv. My roommate is off skiing with her boyfriend, and my parents are in Mexico, so I'm not going over there. She took my coat and tossed it into the chair, kicked off her shoes (I did the same, figuring it was house rules) then went into the kitchen and poured drinks. My Christmas fantasy, I guess." Hell, looking straight across at her waist and seeing how her pants rode low towards her crotch, I was having another fantasy right then and there. Perhaps she wasn't expecting me to fess up so quickly. "Well, to put it in holiday terms, basically I wished you were a present under my tree that I unwrap and play with." When she reached out, took my drink and turned, I thought for sure she was going to give me my coat and show me the door. "Unwrap me." Damn, there went the seventh commandment (or was it sixth, I forgot).

There was nothing in the fridge I felt like eating for dinner, and going out for Chinese seemed too Christmas cliché, so I decided to hit the grocery store and make myself something nice. "Make myself dinner, drink some beer and relax." The fantasy part of my brain was ready to take over and blurt out 'why don't you come on over', but instead I swiped my debit card, wished her a Merry Christmas and went home. Dinner was good if I do say so myself, and there wasn't much on TV I cared to watch. She saw me, gave me smile and a curious look, and finished checking out the other customer. She turned off her light, meaning I was her last customer. " I figured I'd tell the truth, but wrap it in a joking tone of voice. It's just me and the Christmas tree." "Sounds like me this year," I said. You better believe I took a long look at her once her coat came off. The hip-huggers I saw earlier looked very sexy from behind. Yes, I was getting a bit hard just looking at her and for a moment I wished I had my coat covering my lap. Now, I could try a song and dance and try to worm my way of telling the truth, but then how would I explain agreeing to give her a ride home or come inside her apartment? Instead, she put down both our drinks, walked back and stood as close to me as she possibly could. I scooted to the edge of the couch and kissed her over and over on her exposed belly, wrapping my hands around her narrow waist and moving them over her ass. I looked up and she smiled and closed her eyes as my hands went over her sweater to caress her boobs.

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I knelt down next to her on the floor and laid her on her back.