Expat dating in netherlands

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Expat dating in netherlands

The Netherlands compares favourably to the UK and the USA when it comes to crime statistics.Expats will likely feel secure, and even large football crowds are usually family friendly and require few police officers.While the Dutch are happy to speak English to new arrivals, they’re justifiably proud of their language and expect expats to learn the basics.

New arrivals will find out where these are quite quickly.

The Dutch have long been known as a nation of travellers and it’s easy to see why – most of Europe is easily accessible by car, train or boat, and anywhere else is just a flight away.

Almost everyone uses a bicycle for any journey within a few miles.

Health insurance in the Netherlands is expensive and doesn’t always cover what expats might expect, so it’s important to read the small print.

Finding a doctor or dentist after arriving can be difficult and expats may find that dentists don’t offer enough pain relief. Doctors’ automated phone systems can also be challenging for non-Dutch speakers – expats may want to note the numbers needed to press to make an appointment and keep them by the phone.

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