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Eric shinhwa dating

That little kid who liked Jung Il Woo in High Kick????????? an entire cycle apart between the same zodiac sign. There were rumors of his ex-girlfriend leaving him as soon as she used him for popularity. It's not like he's dating a HS girl (like Tony An/Hyeri) since she was in HS when he first approached her.I just find it weird that there has been so many instances of male celebrities dating girls that were more than 10 years younger than them.The reason I nrought up the man's age difference instead of the woman is because in most of these cases, the men have been in tht position of power.or really successful women like elva hsiao is engaged to a dude 12 years's only in korea that this is rare, possibly because of social standards and how you might be perceived.This is either because they were more powerful, wealthy or experienced.It makes it easier for them to take advantage of women that they're dating- although I'm not saying that is what is happening here.

I tend to believe most K-ent dating rumors from publications mostly because where there’s smoke there is fire.I say all this because a long ago dating rumor was revived today and this time the couple in question actually admitted it, making their denials three years ago seem like yet another “duh” moment.Actor-singer Eric has confirmed that he’s dating model Na Hye Mi after K-media reported that their long running relationship has taken a serious turn and they are discussing marriage. I think it's pretty normal as long as they have the connection.Their agency's say that "the two met through mutual friends and started first in a good subae - hoobae relationship before gradually getting interested in each other".

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The earlier dating rumors in 2014 came from fans who spotted them on dates but without photographic evidence their denial was left to stand.

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