Elan gale dating casey

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Kaitlyn Bristowe fell in quite a bit of mud when she had sex with Nick Viall before the Fantasy Suite dates.

It's no big whoop to me (or Gale), but Kaitlyn was raked over the coals for it.

It's the rare network show that continues to rise in the ratings every season, despite practically every couple breaking up long before they ever make it down the aisle. Reporter Amy Kaufman has penned a book titled "Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure Hardcover" that aims to answer this question.Kaufman writes that Mike learned from his cousin just how hard people would fight for love... "If you go into his office or you were brought in for a meeting, you were probably going to smoke," ex-production coordinator Brad Isenberg told Kaufman of Mike Fleiss and his penchant for marijuna. "He was the dullest guy I've ever seen," Fleiss famously said years ago about host Chris Harrison, following their first meeting.It took a second meeting for Fleiss to reverse course... Kaufman writes about an affair between Fleiss and executive producer Lisa Levenson, with one casting associate saying the flirting between the pair was pretty apparent to everyone on set. But what are the secrets behind The Bachelor itself?Kaufman is a journalist for The Los Angeles Times, who was actually once banned by ABC for her coverage because she uncovered one too many secrets from backstage.

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This past weekend, in sunny Malibu, CA, at the home of show creator Mike Fleiss, love…

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