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Pagan, before being given entirely to the friend, who eventually sold the business to a third party.

Further, he contends that typical male courting gambits such as excessive flattery and gifting are seen by women as manipulative and insecure, and are thus ultimately unattractive.Instead, he contends that "attraction isn't a choice" -- women cannot be bribed into choosing to feel attraction.Rather, Pagan asserts that a woman will feel attraction automatically when she perceives a man to have certain characteristics such as confidence, lightheartedness, humor and independence, qualities he labels "cocky and funny" or "cocky funny."Thus, while a typical man might hope to appeal to a desirable woman with obsequiousness and unbridled enthusiasm, carefully hiding any reservations he might have about her, a "cocky and funny" one would actually make his reservations abundantly clear from the outset, albeit flirtatiously and with humor.He suggests that social conditioning has programmed many modern men to develop involuntary habits that increase the failure rate of consistently attracting women or negate the attractive qualities that were designed to make women want them.That's why their natural ability to attract women never shows up until they do some conscious work to let it out.

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Background Early in his career, Pagan moved from the Pacific Northwest to continue his career as a real estate and mortgage broker in San Diego, but first found real success in training real estate professionals how to use direct marketing to build sales leads.

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