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There is no escaping the fact that I will get accosted and occasionally offended by the odd twat. Make your life easier You may not think that I can teach you how you can make life easier, but I can, Years of finding simple tasks a slight struggle have meant I have done things my own way…

I am however an expert in remaining polite and and nice, I’m just the kinda girl you could take home to your Mum. If I ever by some miracle gain the ability to walk though you may be in big trouble! You be surprised what I can open with just my teeth!

Hailing from many different countries, backgrounds, and professions, Four Leaf Studios became committed to working towards Katawa Shoujo as an entirely free game, with no money involved in the project.

But in this reality, that tale takes a back seat to the eyebrow-raising existence of a videogame that tasks players with dating the physically disabled.

One of the pages in the extras section of the doujin contained a sketch imagining a game about disabilities set in a Japanese high school.

If not for later events, that may well have been the end of it.

Human Shopping Trolley Never again will have the trolley or basket dilemma, load me up I can fit an ironing board on my knee… Just the right height For passing you items stored in low cupboards… Be a hero Prepare to be a Saint, select members of the public will see you with me and think you’re a hero because your . Bless ‘em Hob nob with celebrities Famous folk love a disabled person, it makes them look good and gives a warm fuzzy feeling… Get out of boring parties By claiming access is a problem. Passionate I am driven and determined, passion sits hand in hand with everything I do, my legs may not work but it will never ever stop me from leading a normal life that is something I am passionate about and I like to think I’m passionate in every aspect of life I’ll never look a mess Many disabled people plump for comfort over style, Jogger bottoms and no make up..

Best Seat in the House So your new girl is Disabled, . Not only that but if she loves music like I do, you will go to gigs. On the cabbage patch is where you will sit, closer than ever to the stage with handy access to the bar! Always smiling, always polite Your Mother is going to Love Me….

For a surprisingly large segment of the gamer population, these sorts of visual novels are an expression of their sexuality, so doesn't it stand to reason that the subgenre should include all facets of the multihued tapestry that comprises human romantic thought?

If anything, offers a counterbalance to the vast assortment of visual novels that focus on large-breasted, blonde cliches, and with that it pushes the needle a bit closer to representational equality.

Also from the official blog: The story of Katawa Shoujo is a long one, spanning over a decade.

In December of the year 2000, the doujin Schuppen Harnische was released by the artist RAITA of circle Zettai Shoujo.

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Before any of you can react, let me also mention that the game has had a very, very long gestation period.

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