Dell updating bios

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i know that there is always some risk to flash it, when its not by themanufacturer, but what could happen if its obviously an intel board?i looked on the intel page, but there is no board called change the boards on a hardware level?help please I just bought this thing and now its useless I did the same dumb thing. I entered some code from the sticker on the computer - or was it from the system screen before I did the switch? ) Dell said to send it in, just barely under warranty still. I tried the POST bypass (for the AMD chipped 5555 it is End not Ctrl-Esc before power), but no luck. Now I'm wondering now if removing the inside watch battery would do it and save me 15 days of waiting. Then with the new SSD installed, boot into the USB and it takes another few hours.maybe someone already tried to update a dell mainboard with a intelbios or some similar bios for the used specifications?

That said, firmware updates may provide important improvements that can improve system stability or even security, so if you learn of an update, you should review the release notes to learn what it does and decide whether to take the risk of applying the update.

As Linux and Ubuntu distributions are becoming more and more popular on Dell systems, there are more situations where a Linux only environment is present.

The fact that you managed to update it manually is good, but I thought I'd provide what information I , began to be shipped with Ubuntu.

This risk is small, but if you run into such a problem, the consequences can be pretty bad, so you shouldn't take the chance if the firmware update is trivial or fixes a problem that doesn't apply to you, such as if it fixes a network-boot problem when you never boot over the network.

I'm running Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful) on a Dell Precision 5510.

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Either way, you may want to file a bug report to make the developers aware of the problem you encountered.