Deist dating dating love man in rwanda

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Deist dating

Historically, however, some original deists found value in organized religion for common people, feeling that it could instill positive concepts of morality and sense of community.

Deism originated as an intellectual movement during the Ages of Reason and Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries in France, Britain, Germany, and the United States.

Many branches of modern Christianity have made room for a more abstract view of God that emphasized a transpersonal, rather than personal, relationship to the deity.

Deists have a fairly positive view of human existence, stressing the greatness of creation and the natural faculties granted to humanity, such as the ability to reason.In Europe, a large number of well-known intellectuals proudly thought of themselves as deists, including John Leland, Thomas Hobbes, Anthony Collins, Pierre Bayle, and Voltaire.A large number of United States' early founding fathers were deists or had strong deist leanings.Because deists accept that God is uninterested in praise and that he is unapproachable via prayer, there is little need for the traditional trappings of organized religion.In fact, deists take a rather dim view of traditional religion, feeling that it distorts a real understanding of God.

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S., but it is a segment that is thought to be growing.

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