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As we talked, she was experiencing a major lightbulb moment.

My conscious belief was that I wanted to be loved and in a relationship.

My frustrations caused me to frequently ponder if I had a homing device implanted that was sending out signals to emotionally unavailable men, typically ones with mother issues, but what I never really asked myself was: I never gave any deep thought to the connection between what I’d observed and learned early in life and how I was thinking, acting and choosing in the present.My subconscious beliefs were extensive and included believing that no one would love or want me, that love hurts, and that I f-ck things up.I was convinced that I turned emotionally available men unavailable.(Having said that, Harry just had to lean his head on the counter top while he emptied out the cafetière, so things could definitely be worse.) Having been at the Fringe for a mere twenty-two hours at this stage, we have already racked up a fairly respectable number of anecdotes and amusing incidents (which I’m sure Ash will be delighted to hear when she joins us tomorrow), and doubtless more will follow.Anecdotes are a bit of a weird one, because a lot of them fall under the heading “you had to be there”, but the ones that are universally funny can bring a lot of joy.

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If I truly wanted to feel better and enjoy healthier relationships, I had to be honest with myself in a straight no chaser way.