Dating someone who suffers from anxiety

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Dating someone who suffers from anxiety

I, a young religious loving mother, had irrational fears of intentionally abandoning my Jewish observance, violently harming my children and loved ones, and thoughts of committing acts of immorality and blasphemy.

These thoughts became “stuck” in my mind 24/7, like a broken record, and my feelings of panic skyrocketed as I was forced to contend with the monster that I erroneously thought I was becoming.

I also had trouble eating and sleeping and felt as if I was living in the midst of a thick dark cloud.

I was raising my young family as best as I could, but I was a shadow of the vibrant and upbeat person I once was.

Yet at the time I did not realize this and was living a nightmare.

For those suffering from anxiety disorder, this is the panic they can feel out of the blue as they wait on line in the grocery to buy a loaf of bread.

My world turned upside down when, as a carefree 21-year-old, I began to experience these attacks on a regular basis that left me reeling from the intense fear.

Think of the fear you’d feel if a criminal would be holding you and your loved ones at gunpoint, slowly pulling the trigger before your disbelieving eyes.

Imagine the frantic thoughts of danger and despair that would quickly overwhelm you, the frenetic pounding of your racing heart, and the ragged gasps of air as you tried to breathe through lungs that seemed to have stopped working properly.

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I began to have terrible trouble concentrating and focusing as unwanted intrusive thoughts began to flood my mind.

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