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Dating pranks online

1 April is traditionally a day of eyebrow-raising product launches, and this year is no different.

And with April Fool's Day falling on Easter Sunday, there is plenty of chocolate about.

Because normal death means little, this "advanced form" is usually permanent. This trope also has an interesting side effect, in the sense that permanent death, because it is rarer, carries a much greater degree of dramatic weight as a result.

Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man is a good example of that effect.

That is especially true on 1 April, when newspapers, companies and social media comics try to trick us all with jokes and pranks.

Here are some of the best prank stories that we spotted throughout the morning.

Which, unless you're a dentist, doesn't actually sound that bad.

A remarkable collection of artifacts buried by Queen Victoria in 1867 was apparently found in a time capsule.

So common is this trope in superhero comics that many other sources refer to it as Comic Book Death, to the point where The Other Wiki even has a page on the subject.

Comics have many means to undo death, often involving Opening a Can of Clones. Sam: In this line of work, death isn't always goodbye.

Usually the only characters in comics to stay dead are those involved in a Death by Origin Story. Claire: I'm-I'm sorry, I didn't- Sam: Oh no, it's okay, I got to know her later in life.

If returning from death is abused repeatedly, then They Killed Kenny Again.

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Burger King have apparently unveiled a new chocolate Whopper.