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Remember in today's world where information is just a search away it would not take much to find out information about you or someone you know.The last thing you want is for an unexpected stranger to show up at your place or work, residence or some other place you might be looking for you.Many online sites offer a double-blind system for the protection of their customers.Other items a reputable site will offer is an advanced search option, instant messaging, email and easy navigation.You could arrange to have a friend call you at a certain time to ask how the date is going.

You may even want to set up a separate cell phone, such as a pay-as-you-go cell phone, just for this purpose.If it is a small town you may want to meet in a larger city. If you must speak via phone use a cell phone number.Remember the less they know, the less likely they can find you.Keep your information to yourself until you meet this other person and decide to take the relationship forward.Before signing up for an online biker dating or matchmaking service, do your homework. If you want to date look for a dating service, if you want a commitment look for a matchmaking service.

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