Dating mother small children

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Dating mother small children

A month later, Josef claimed to have received a letter from Elisabeth in the mail.

He turned the letter over to the police explaining that Elisabeth had joined a cult.

On August 29, 1984, Josef asked Elisabeth to help him carry and install a door he was putting in the basement.

This was the final piece Josef needed to complete the dungeon.

Her failed attempt to escape his abuse had just given her father the story he would present to authorities when Elisabeth “went missing”.

An engineer by trade, Josef had no problem designing a secure, soundproof dungeon in his basement.Josef reached behind him and grabbed an ether-soaked rag which he held on Elisabeth’s face until she lost consciousness.Josef drug her limp body into the basement dungeon, raped her, and secured her with a chain around her stomach tied to a column.The letter, dated September 21, 1984, was postmarked from and made clear that she was tired of living at home and was living safely with a friend (similar circumstances to her prior, failed runaway attempt).She warned her parents, “If you look for me, I will leave the country.” Her father, threatening to shut off all gas and electricity in the basement, had of course coerced her into penning the letter in her own hand.

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