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All four works fit in roughly with Van Gogh's own description of "troubled skies", but given that Van Gogh didn't provide specific details about the size of the works (calling them only "big") the speculation continues with no resolution in sight.

Regardless of the perplexities of which works are mentioned in Letter 649, Van Gogh scholar Ronald Pickvance in his book Van Gogh in Saint-Rmy and Auvers supports Dr.

Or does it, in fact, terminate in an inescapable dead end? The sky: From his earliest years as an artist Van Gogh was fond of scenes involving stormy skies (see Beach at Scheveningen in Stormy Weather, for example).

The painting is, without question, turbulent and certainly conveys a sense of loneliness in the fields--a powerful image of Van Gogh as defeated and solitary artist in his final years.

Furthermore, both the popular films Lust for Life and Vincent and Theo rewrite history and depict this painting as Van Gogh's last--with more of an interest in dramatic effect than historical accuracy.

Hulsker's argument for an earlier dating of this painting with his own analysis of the letters.

Pickvance explores the letters in depth and dates Wheat Field with Crows "contemporaneously from 7 to 10 July", more than two weeks before Van Gogh committed suicide. Daubigny's Garden and Cottages with Thatched Roofs and Figures, both of which are far more likely to have been the last paintings [sic] he made." Thus, given that Wheat Field with Crows is almost certainly not Van Gogh's final work, the "suicide note" interpretation should be cast aside.

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Introduction Wheat Field with Crows stands out as one of Vincent van Gogh's most powerful, and most fiercely debated, paintings.

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