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The third came in a letter sent by Rabbi Yitzhak Sarfati (from Edirne) in 1454 to Jewish communities in Europe in the first part of the century that When Mehmet II "the Conqueror" took Constantinople in 1453, he encountered an oppressed Romaniot (Byzantine) Jewish community which welcomed him with enthusiasm.Sultan Mehmet II issued a proclamation to all Jews These Jews settled in various Ottoman cities, such as Salonika, but it was not until the late sixteenth century that they moved to Smyrna, which has become a major port city.

Another Portuguese Marrano, Aluaro Mandes, was named Duke of Mytylene in return of his diplomatic services to the Sultan.

Ottoman rule was much kinder than Byzantine rule had been.

In fact, from the early 15th century on, the Ottomans actively encouraged Jewish immigration.

Western European Jews received three invitations to settle in the Ottoman Empire.

Two were from Muslim sultans, Muhammad (Mehmet) II in the middle of the 15th century and Bayazid II in 1492.

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The history of the Jews in Anatolia, however, started many centuries before the migration of Sephardic Jews. have been uncovered in the Aegean region, where Jews lived and traded in the ancient cities of Ephesus, Sardis, Pergamon, and Smyrna (renamed Izmir by the Turks).

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