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But consider this as well: With the explosive growth of the internet and social media, people now enjoy innumerable channels for sharing concerns and ideas in their personal lives.

Compared with these expansive platforms for selfexpression, the workplace can feel downright stifling.

Gulati uses businesses as diverse as Netflix, Alaska Airlines, and Warby Parker to show how freedom can function in different settings.

A coherent framework helps employees develop a deeper understanding of the business, which can lead to improved engagement, creativity, efficiency, and customer service.

A coherent framework helps employees develop a deeper understanding of the business, which can boost performance on many levels, including engagement, quality, creativity, and customer service.

Leaders know they need to give people room to be their best, to pursue unconventional ideas, and to make smart decisions in the moment. But here’s the problem: Executives have trouble resolving the tension between employee empowerment and operational discipline.

Most leaders view employee freedoms and operational controls as antagonists in a tug-of-war.

Its leaders assume that people do their best work when they don’t have to ask for approval at every turn.Robert Burgelman and Joseph Bower have shown a relationship between autonomy (of both individuals and units) and the growth of innovative ideas and ventures within companies. Thomas and others have emphasized the impact that free choice can have on empowerment and motivation.Any of the factors just mentioned—commitment, performance, innovation—would be a compelling reason to expand employees’ freedom.Most leaders view employee freedom and operational control as antagonists in a tug-of-war that can have only one winner.So they tend to pour their resources into regulating workers’ behavior—often unknowingly putting a damper on commitment, innovation, and performance.

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This challenge is so difficult that it ties companies up in knots.

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