Dating fireking dishes

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Dating fireking dishes

In overall good condition with minor use and wear, the mug sold for when it was offered by Conestoga Auction Company during its Feb. Hisle urges caution when buying advertising mugs, because fakes abound.Some people are creating fantasy pieces by scanning in old logos from matchbooks with their computers and having them reprinted on old Fire-King mugs; they are being sold “for hundreds of dollars and buyers are being ripped off,” he said.Hisle carries many rare pieces, but has noticed the most interest in Jade-ite and turquoise blue, especially D-handled mugs.Jade-ite is very popular in Japan because jade is believed to bring good luck, health and prosperity, he said.However, as the glass collecting market grows, fake Fire-King pieces are a cause for concern Anchor Hocking Glass Corp.of Lancaster, Ohio, began producing low-cost, ovenproof, borosilicate low-expansion glass dinnerware marked “FIRE-KING” in 1942.He recalls his earliest interest stems from his father’s favorite coffee mug: a plain ivory D-handled Fire-King mug.From that humble beginning, Cantrell and his family scoured estate sales and flea markets, searched online and ultimately expanded his collection to 560 different non-advertising Fire-King mugs.

Buyers are taking advantage of the ability to gather up affordable vintage pieces and using them to reconnect with a bit of the past.Dealer Jay Hisle is a 30-plus year veteran of the trade who has been dealing exclusively in Fire-King for the last six years.He launched Grizzly-Wolf Fire-King on Ruby, after he decided to quit e Bay.Production ran through 1976, creating a plentiful supply of affordable table and oven wares for households all over the country.It could be bought in sets or as single pieces; Fire-King items were often given away as grocery store premiums inside packages of pantry and cleaning supplies.

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Vintage Fire-King dinnerware is a prime example of antique glass that is affordable and usable.

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