Dating etiquette in china

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Dating etiquette in china

Consider the following examples of foreign business card etiquette.Japan In Japan the business card is treated with respect and honor as an extension of the person.A business card is an inexpensive, internationally recognized means of representing yourself to business associates and of conveying contact information to them.The card serves as a method of introduction and often includes a simple statement or selling point about your business or service.You can feel free to do so at any time but never during a meal.Hold the card in both hands by the corners with the Japanese side facing up and with the type toward the recipient so the card can be read.Consequently, exchanging cards in Japan involves the greatest degree of ceremony and etiquette of any nation.When a card is presented to you, receive it with both hands, bow, and express gratitude to the person for the opportunity to meet with them.

Never write on your card or on any card you receive unless directed to do so. Translating Business Cards for International Use It is considered courteous to provide a translation of the card information on the reverse side. Do not allow any embellishment of the basic information.

The Japanese place considerable cultural emphasis on status and hierarchy.

For the translation the Katakana phonetic writing system has become standard.

Exchanging Business Cards Internationally Understanding the norms and values of the local culture while traveling internationally helps to avoid giving offense.

Observing the appropriate etiquette communicates respect and facilitates communication.

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