Dating during divorce legal issues reasons for dating a soccer player

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Dating during divorce legal issues

In addition to gifts and inheritances, some common examples of separate property include assets acquired prior to the marriage, income from separate assets (such as investment proceeds), and any property designated as separate in a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement.

There is always a way to reach an equitable distribution.

However, there are several important exceptions, including gifts and inheritances received by a single spouse.

Any assets that are not marital property will be considered separate, or non-marital property.

Before going down this path, we recommend that you speak with an attorney.

In amicable divorces, spouses can have extremely limited interactions with the Ohio courts.

In Ohio, the term “dissolution of marriage” is used to refer to a type of non-adversarial, no-fault divorce.

If your spouse isn’t willing to cooperate, you may ultimately have no choice but to pursue a divorce in court.Collaborative law is a relatively new concept in family law that allows divorcing spouses to avoid contentious disputes in court.In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will agree up front not to go to court, and you will work closely with your attorneys and subject-matter experts to come to an amicable resolution on all of the key aspects of your divorce.This is a very important question that requires careful consideration of all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your decision to end your marriage. Our attorneys are here to help you learn more about your options and understand what it means to file for a no-fault or fault-based divorce.If you file (or your spouse files) for a fault-based divorce, a finding of fault can impact issues including property division, alimony, and child custody.

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