Dating canada asian dating

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Dating canada asian dating

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I’m not much more into beauty products (face powder, lipstick and stuff)although I do care of my hair. I do get stressed out and have anxiety problem (just a little bit) . There is a lot more to me, but I prefer to tell you yourself ;) hope to meet y'all! You should know, I would like to make a commitment, find love and be in love with one special girl.I am very much emotional ,sensitive person ,in this case I can’t change my nature because this is the way I am. (Yes it is a thing outside of school lol) I also play softball and football in the summer. If you take me home and introduce me to your mom, she'll like me.I've spent more than half of my life outside of my birth country.I have a full-time job that I enjoy (it made me finally visit Australia! All while taking evening courses towards Chartered Accountant designation :) In my spare time, I take pleasure in playing piano or watching Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. My love to observe and immerse myself in different cultures led me to solitary travels in various European countries.

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Born in Indonesia, I studied and worked in Switzerland (most adventurous years of my life!

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