Dating by olympiads

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Of all ancient calendrical systems, the Greek is the most confusing.

The Greek Calendar is much like ancient Greece itself.

President and CEO of Ne GD, MEITY, Government of India Ms. Radha Chauhan opined, “Learning Olympiads is a well-timed initiative for the digital information age and offers adjunct solutions that are not directly available through academics or schooling.

This Olympiad emerged out of the growing popularity of technology in daily life today but lacking awareness towards being safe online and the knowledge of cyber laws related to the same.

In 432 BCE, the Athenian astronomer Meton instituted his 19-year cycle, fixing regular intercalations (whether Meton got this cycle from Babylonia or discovered it himself is not known).

From that point, a small group of Greek astronomers used the Metonic cycle in their calculations, but this should be regarded as an astronomer's ideal calendar.

Since we are today in a digital era, this Olympiad is a contribution towards making our young generation smart and responsible Netizens.

LLF considers this Olympiad more as a cause rather than an isolated program or contest” DCCWO 2017-18 is driven totally on-line through

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Premjit Lal – Director, Infra & E-services, Ne GD (National E governance Division), Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt of India, (5) Mr.