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It is interesting to note that the controversy over the ordination of women is a rather recent one with roots outside the Orthodox Church.It is also interesting to note that, while the controversy rages in other confessions and has been a source of division, enmity, and schism elsewhere, it has garnered far less interest among Orthodox Christians.Other laws forbade the ordained clergy from evangelizing, teaching religion to anyone, especially to children, etc.Clergy were limited to carring out religious rites within the confines of church walls—which had been confiscated by the state.While the matter surely warrants thorough study, discussion, and dialogue, especially within cultures such as our own, and while there are certain related questions which indeed beg serious discussion—such as the role of deaconesses in the early Church—care needs to be taken not to create an artificial issue.The teaching of the Church clearly encourages all persons, women as well as men, young as well as old, to undertake essential critical ministries in the life of the Church—the grandmothers of the Soviet era had a far greater impact on the life of the Church than the clergy of their day; had those grandmothers been ordained clergy, they would not have been able to have the same powerful effect on generations which otherwise might have been lost.

The late Elisabeth Behr-Sigel was at the forefront of this movement.It does not understand ordination to the priesthood as a matter of justice, equality, political correctness, or human rights.No one, not even males, has the “right” to ordination; even our seminary catalogues state that the awarding of a divinity degree in no way guarantees ordination, as this is within the competency of the hierarchy alone.Those who carry out essential ministries without being ordained also stand in the midst of God’s People, for the ministries they pursue in the name of Our Lord also share in His work.The image of the Church is one in which the entire “laos tou Theou” work and worship together “with one mind” in harmony, upbuilding one another and striving to achieve unity, rather than planting division or focusing undue attention on differences or alleged inequalities.

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The point of the story: In Orthodoxy the ordained priesthood is, of course, essential.