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Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.You can choose your language settings from within the program.There have not been any reissues, it's not a high demand amp. Naturally the 18" speaker is the main distinction for all B-18 models. According to the book, it had more power than the B15N, using a pair of 7027 power tubes, the usual 6SL7 preamp, and a 7199 phase invertor; they had solid state rectifiers initially, and then changed to using GZ34 rectifiers (strangely enough).18" speakers are long out of fashion in the bass amp market. (B15NC and B15ND came later as single 15" amps with that same power amp.) The B18X used the same chassis as the B12XT, with reverb and tremelo, a footswitch, and a horn for the highs.If K is too rich for you, you can still buy the real thing (an original B-15 or SB-12) for under 00, including shipping from the US - they are on e Bay and Craigslist regularly.

Because guitarists were able to adapt to this instrument more easily than the upright, they could obtain more work, and this was another important factor in the P bass’ success.TOP: This Ampeg B-15 S is a 60- watt variation of the classic B-15 Portaflex.MIDDLE: At the time this amp was built, Ampeg was a division of Magnavox.CONFEDERATE AND SOUTHERN STATES BONDS: A Descriptive Listing, Including Rarity.The Confederate States of America and All of the Southern States Including The Territory of Florida And The Republic and Government of Texas.

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BOTTOM: This P bass sports a transitional headstock decal, which replaced the “spaghetti” logo in 1964.

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