Dating after celibacy

Posted by / 13-Oct-2020 12:46

Instead of devoting one's life towards the salvation of immediate family, priests and religious devote their lives to the salvation of the world.

Nor does it mean that discernment is purely an intellectual exercise absent any input from the heart.Saint Bernard of Clairvaux once estimated that about one out of three Catholics (~33%) have a vocation to the consecrated life.Yet today, less one in every twenty-thousand Catholics (~0.005%) are consecrated religious.Jesus Christ is the perfect spouse of our soul; it is only He who can fill the natural void in our hearts perfectly.The better life, according to Our Lord, is to simply sit at His feet like the Magdalene, rather than Martha, divided over temporal matters (Luke ). One need not have absolute certainty of a calling to the religious life in order to have a genuine vocation.

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These statistics, if even remotely accurate, help us to better understand the difficulty Catholics face today when discerning a religious vocation, that is; that many either do not hear the call of God, or hear but do not listen.