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This sign would rather sting itself to death than have someone else rule them or give up control and this is a word to the wise.There is nothing worse than a disillusioned Scorpio, if they’re miserable, you’ll be miserable.Scorpio will be turned off by a lover who is not strong in their own way.They might fight you, try to sway you but if you capitulate too many times they will lose respect. You can be sure that the powerful feeling of love will create vulnerability in a Scorpio.Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac under Pluto, representing sex, death and re-birth.That’s right, they’ve got you coming and going and everything in between.That’s the reasoning and you’re not likely to change them. Scorpio, when cool and detached, is not decompressing, she is awaiting an opportune moment to strike while you mistakenly think the storm has passed.

Scorpio is in charge, and while you may be lulled into a pleasurable illusion that you’ve got your Scorpio lover under control, you have accomplished no such thing.

Just like Pluto, which causes irregularities in the orbits of nearby planets, a Scorpio will change your course and make you think you wanted to go there anyway.

And you will go, because a Scorpio, at their core, is sweet and giving, truly craving deep connections.

But you must not let them sacrifice themselves, for the wasted life of a Scorpio is a great loss to the consciousness.

A Scorpio is attuned to the spirit world and brings great insights from the other side to this dimension.

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Dragging you to their lair to cover you with passionate kisses is one of those things they delight in doing, whether you start out wanting it or not, is not their concern, you will soon become an addict of their ardor.

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