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An Ewok warrior from Bright Tree Village succeeded in this quest in 97 BBY, and this particular sun crystal became a symbol of courage to the warrior's tribe.The Ewoks established a ritual whereby a youth had to maneuver through a set of dangerous obstacles in the crystal's presence and thus prove his or her mettle and earn a badge for his or her Belt of Honor.After the Wizard's Tower rework, Maggie moved slightly east.After the release of Divination she moved once again, this time to the north-west of Draynor Village, close to the wall, east of the cabbage field. She walks like she is skipping and sometimes uses phrases such as "Cha" or "Don'tcha know." Using the broomstick (and, indeed, every other item) on Maggie will cause the response: Thanks for the offer, but I don't really need that. Maggie could be found in her camp south of Falador and east of the Crafting Guild, near her apprentice, Wendy.When the event ended, Maggie moved with her camp to a spot west of the Legends' Guild.Free players who had started or completed the Swept Away quest could visit her by speaking to Wendy (who had remained south of Falador); Wendy would teleport the player to a special area, Maggie's Realm.

I realize in our country "18 is legal adult", but knowing later a young coach had plans once the date passed is creepy.The fragile gems had the ability to exponentially reflect and brighten light.Exposure could lead to light addiction and, ultimately, blindness.They stare into the sun or activate more crystals just to relive the experience.Stay in the dark and you should be fine." but in the presence of a more focused source of luminosity, the crystals intensified the light exponentially.

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The stones were highly sought commodities on Jazbina, where they were mined, and on Endor, where treasure hunters had to face the perils of the Black Cavern to obtain them.