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He ultimately spent a long winter in his hometown of Omaha, secluded and alone.What emerged was an album that has allowed him to take stock and reflect on his life’s work and his place in the music industry.The Ticket Supply Conor Oberst Guarantee We provide a quick and easy way to purchase Conor Oberst tickets.We back each Conor Oberst purchase with our 100% Ticket Supply Guarantee.Opening track Tachycardia deals explicitly with the ordeal Oberst was put through in 2014 when a woman accused him of sexual assault (an accusation that she later confirmed was “100% false”).Less than a year later, Oberst’s band Desaparecidos cancelled over 20 dates of a tour, citing the singer’s “laryngitis, anxiety and exhaustion”.

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Opening with the lines, “Closing my eyes, counting sheep/Gun in my mouth, trying to sleep,” it is a genuinely shocking song, and testament to the honesty with which this album has been conceived.

It is always a possibility that a difficult road to recovery will pass through such challenging phases, but rarely does an artist so bravely expose them in their work.

When he sings on that opening track: “In a courtroom, sweat rolling down my back/It’s a bad dream, I have it seven times a week/No it’s not me, but I’m the one who has to die,” we are immediately granted more of Oberst’s privacy than ever before.

The theme continues on Gossamer Thread, on which he sings about “not wanting to eat or get out of bed”, and “trying to recall what the therapist said”.

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