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While a definitive answer to this has yet to be given, the question as to why Transformers become romantically involved with one another can be approached from a different angle. This is shown through their very human-like society, interpersonal interactions, familial relationships, and even the fairly common practice of merging bodies and minds.

Outside of an accident in translation and a few sneaked-in jokes for older viewers, the default is still for writers to haul up Arcee or insert a new female (Transformer) to fill the romance niche than play up that sort of interaction in same gender context.

I will wipe it clean for you now."(NOTE: We didn't make that up.

That actually, canonically happened.) The hints are few and far between, but Transformers is not devoid of the possibility Transformers might engage in sexual activities (for recreational purposes).

and this relationship was not the first either have had, and Chromedome may or may not have been dating Prowl before that.

The relationship is perhaps not out-and-out romance as humans would think or feel it, but author James Roberts has commented that this is because he imagines Transformers don't have relationships in exactly the same way humans do; he leaves no doubt that "Chromedome and Rewind each regard the other as the most important person in their life." This measure was later followed up by the introduction of the first same-gender female couple in Transformers history, as well as the first example of attraction between members of different genders in IDW "Oh, Convoy! "It must be from when I spilled soft serve ice cream on you before.

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