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Lister explained the couple's relationship saying: "there's something about those two - they are an absolute nightmare when they are together because they either fall out or one of them does something that jeopardises the relationship.But they always keep coming together, back to one another. Chas plans to expose Carl's affair on their wedding day, Lister explained that Chas begins "losing confidence in the whole revenge plan because she realises how much she would actually love to marry him and would love to have a family with him".When Chas rejects Carl he marries Lexi but the marriage soon after ends when Carl admits he does not love Lexi.Carl reunites with Chas but becomes tempted reignite his affair with Eve Jenson (Suzanne Shaw).Lister explained that his character decides to be "sensible" by putting some distance between Eve and himself as he does not want to mess up again after his "distaster" of a marriage to Lexi.He added that Carl is "not tempted enough" to cheat on Chas as he believes she is "the love of his life and he's decided to stay faithful to her - at least for now". Pargeter revealed that Chas' initial reaction is to confront the pair but instead she decides to seek revenge as she is "very hurt".It's a really turbulent relationship [...] They want them to be together".Carl has an on and off relationship with Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter). Lister explained that Carl never stopped loving Chas but the relationship ended when "that door was basically slammed in his face when Chas's son Aaron fell into the mix and gave his mum an ultimatum – him or Carl. Chas begins a relationship with Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt).

In January 2004, The Sun announced that Emmerdale would bring in "four new single 'hunks'" who are all brothers in an attempt to increase the sex appeal of the serial.Carl has a bad temper on him and has been responsible for two accidental deaths - so he's not one to be crossed"."It's one of those things that I think is to do with the chemistry on screen and the fieriness of their relationship. The chemistry is great and the passion is obviously there between the two of them.But then they can go to the other extreme when they are screaming at one another and wanting to smack each other's heads in.He added that Carl and Chas have always wanted to marry and begin a family but they have never been able to "get their act together and decide to do it".Lister told Ryan Love of Digital Spy that Chas begins to doubt whether she will go through with exposing Carl's affair after she sees how serious Carl is about their relationship and that he has ended his affair with Eve.

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Carl Thomas King is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Emmerdale, played by Tom Lister.

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