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The fewer books you bring, the more likely it is that I’ll be able to juggle the chatting and signing.

Also, the longer I’ve been signing for, the more likely I will lose the ability to speak coherently.

If you give me a two metre tall statue of Akkarin I’m not going to have room in my bag, and postage to Australia is very, very expensive.

Also, Australian customs is strict, barring things like plant and animal material, including wood, and some food items.

I’ve been getting a few questions about signings, so I figured it was time to write a post about signing etiquette.

One thing I love about signings is the chance to chat, even if briefly, to people who have actually read my book (and liked it).

Try as I might, I find it very hard to write and talk at the same time.

You won’t want to lug ten or eleven books to a shop only to find you can only get one signed. If the queue is short then there’s a good chance I can bend the rules and sign, say, a trilogy at a time.

They have their own reasons for setting rules, based on plenty of experience with book signings at their particular location, which I respect and you should too. Also, if you hang about and the queue finishes before the end of the signing session, we might be able to have a little chat.

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