Chat camera bangkok

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Chat camera bangkok

Many people say Hong Kong is cheaper than Bangkok, and I'd have to agree that you can make some decent savings in Hong Kong, but the trouble with Hong Kong is that you don't know if you can trust the sales folk.After reading about the scams I went there looking for the new SB900 flash and had various quotes along Nathan road but I spotted a quiet camera shop away from the others, no-one standing outside hustling me inside and I started to chat to the nice old Chinese man behind the counter who explained all about the scams and how you'll probably not walk away with the item you think you are buying.

Just look at the two very popular compact digital camera prices below: Nikon P300 in UK is 215.00 UK pounds, USA is 229 dollars Nikon P300 in Thailand is 228.00 UK pounds or 417 dollars with local warranty (comes with 4Gb memory card) Canon S95 in UK is 250.00 UK pounds USA is 369 dollars Canon S95 in Thailand is 241.00 pounds or 482 US dollars (comes with 4Gb memory card) Camera prices for Thailand show local warranty.

On the 7th November, 2008 I was in Hong Kong again and I asked a shop on Nathan road the cost of the D300 digital SLR camera and was told 6,500 HK Dollars for body only which is half the cost of buying it in Bangkok.

I wasn't going to buy it; just asking prices, but at the airport, I asked a duty free shop and was quoted 16,500 HK Dollars.... The point we are making is that in Hong Kong, prices fluctuate by large amounts and you never know whether the high price is a rip off or the low price is a scam.

UK shops are selling it from £899 and up although shops did warn us that UK prices were going up by 20% across the board so don't expect this situation to last.

We recently (April 2012) purchased, from Foto File (the camera shop on the ground floor next to Auntie Anne's), a Nikon D7000 and added a different lens rather than taking the kit lens.

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