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The old cant word Canihen, signifying the gaol-fever, is derived from this Gypsy term.

To-morrow, also yesterday: collico sorlo, to- morrow morning.

It is connected with the English bowle or bole, the trunk of a tree; also with bowl, boll, and belly; also with whale, the largest of fish, and wale, a tumour; also with the Welsh bol, a belly, and bala, a place of springs and eruptions.

Boc (a pimple), bolg (a blister), bolgach (small-pox). In Spanish Germania or cant, two ochavos, or farthings, are called: dui cales. Shillings: dui collor a crookos, two shillings a week. To cut the stick; to cut skewers for butchers and pegs for linen-lines, a grand employment of the Gypsy fellows in the neighbourhood of London. To cast, fling, throw, place, put: chiv lis tuley, fling it down; chiv oprey, put up.

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Fellow, comrade: probably the same as the English country-word baw, bor.