Can carbon dating be faked

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Can carbon dating be faked

'There is no evidence whatsoever that Leonardo was involved in the shroud.' The professor believes the radiocarbon dating of the shroud was wrong because the sample was contaminated.How can we trace our New Testaments today back to the originals?How do we know that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote the gospels?How do we know that Paul and Peter wrote the letters that have their names attached? In fact, they say the New Testament books weren’t written by eyewitnesses at all.But it has also provoked bitter controversy after scientists carbon-dated it to the Middle Ages.

The relic has inspired generations of pilgrims who have flocked to see what they believe is the face of the crucified Jesus.

This, if true, would not only undermine John’s Gospel, it would cast suspicion on the entire New Testament as well.

However, early manuscript copies of John and Mark, discovered by archaeologists, indicate they were written much earlier, perhaps during the apostles’ lifetimes.

He was the ultimate Renaissance man - studying anatomy, designing a rudimentary helicopter and creating some of the most admired paintings of the age.

But could Leonardo da Vinci also have perpetrated history's greatest art forgery?

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Princeton scholar, Bruce Metzger explained the significance of this find.

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