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America exports more weapons to other countries than anyone else in the world.

America leads the world in money given to fake charities.

In the middle of the last century, the United States was #1 in the world in GDP per capita. Approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents.

Prescription painkillers kill more Americans than heroin and cocaine combined.

There are more car thefts in the United States than anywhere else in the world by far There are more school shootings in America than anywhere else in the world.

The United States leads the world in credit card fraud.

Number one in mass shootings – there were 372 mass shootings in the US in 2015, killing 475 people and wounding 1,870 The U. is rated worst in healthcare quality among developed countries, although US care is the most expensive.

A coronary bypass in the US costs 50 percent more than it would in Canada, Australia, and France, and 100% more than in Germany.

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The United States has the most laws of any country.