Brian stelter dating jamie shupak why people use online dating

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We first met Jamie Shupak, a reporter for New York's local TV news channel NY1, at a crafting event.

“You have to see Jamie’s house, it’s amazing,” said P. I Made This founder Erica Domesek, “It’s all DIY.” We have to admit, we were a bit skeptical about how crafty this high-heel-wearing traffic reporter really was.

But even the table was turned into a project when Shupak decided to buy new legs and install them herself. Though Shupak still has a desire to be creative while most of their home is complete, the two are now focusing on hosting fabulous dinner parties -- and finding the perfect living room table like the one found in Solange Knowles’ Brooklyn home. To see all the fabulous DIY projects in Jamie and Brian's home, click through our slideshow below.

will be published in November by Polis Book, a digital start-up publisher that launched earlier this summer. Shupak’s debut novel, which she describes as “fun, girly fiction” will be familiar to anyone who has followed Ms. The book follows a New York City traffic reporter named Guiliana Layne as she navigates being single for the first time in her adult life after her engagement to her college sweetheart is derailed. Shupak, is very her.“Anyone who knows me knows I’ve never been in trouble a day in my life,” she said. Shupak have any misgivings about writing about her broken engagement? “When I first started at NY1, I had a ring on my finger and then I didn’t.” Plus, she already covered it in her dating column. Stelter think about his girlfriend’s roman à clef Although Ms. Stelter, she described him as “really excited” about the book and said she let him choose his character’s name.

As if that wasn't enough, the pair recently welcomed their first child earlier this year. The duo got hitched in the romantic month of February on Brian's parents, Donna M. Stelter, are Jewish devotee and they asked for the Jewish ceremony.

The nuptials held at Sheraton Society Hill in Philadelphia and officiated by Cantor Amy E. The couple decided first hand as for where the marriage will take place.

“Even when it [looks] funky, it’s really not.” Shupak also can’t stand spending an excessive amount of money on something that she can make herself, like lamps.

We can only imagine how their first meeting went on.

But we took Domesek’s word for it and ventured to the West Village in New York City to check out the home she shares with her boyfriend, New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter.

As we walked through the amazing lobby, which had all those great old New York City details (deep jewel-toned colors, classic traditional furniture and flattering lighting) we wondered if the home would retain the same appeal.

“Guiliana burns the candle at both ends way better than I ever could.” Ms.

It's been over three years since their marriage and her fans are wondering if the pair has decided to welcome any children. If you share the same passion with your better half, then it can be very rewarded feelings.

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For example, she couldn’t find anything unique when looking for shelving, so she went down to a lumber yard and collected slabs of plain white plywood, which she then stained and polished herself.