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The paper was due in two weeks and in a strange way her anger ameliorated her stress.Not only was it a distraction but an affirmation, too; she was in control of something; her voice, like those in Hurston’s works, mattered and was going to be heard.

She welcomed her anger this time, though, with open arms. She came to the restaurant straight from her college library and was immediately returning after lunch.Refusing to give fully in to her father’s parochial tastes, Stacie picked an empanada spot on the Lower East Side.Mexican was as “traditional” as she was willing to go.“Your father said he isn't going to say anything this time–that he’s just going to shut up.” Stacie laughed along with her mother.“He’ll have nothing to complain about,” Stacie said.

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“Just like he had nothing to complain about last time when–” “Okay, okay, that’s enough.