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We spoke on the stand together about our conversion experiences and the blessings that have come into our lives from keeping the commandments and living the gospel. We’ve been married for 84 days 8 hours and 34 seconds roughly, which rounds up to almost three months, and they have been nothing short of an adventure.Sarah and I had the blessing of being sealed in the Salt Lake temple to each other.During the first encounter, Nelson was still married to his third wife, Connie Koepke.Following a divorce with Nelson's third wife Connie Koepke in 1988, the couple exchanged the vows on 16 September 1991 in a grand wedding ceremony at Nashville, Tennessee and since then they are living happily ever after.It all started after country music singer Willie Nelson first met Annie D'Angelo on the sets 1986 film .At the time, the latter was makeup artist whereas the former starred in the movie alongside actors Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash.

The couple resides in their Hawaiian home located in Maui along with their children.After about 3 months of trading off churches and asking each other about the beliefs we grew up with, Sarah told me that she wasn’t getting as much out of the Catholic church as she did the LDS church, and she asked me if I would be willing to take the missionary lessons.I was nervous to say yes but I knew that she was so committed to her beliefs that if I didn’t show up, then I would lose her.So, I made it very clear when I started dating him that I wasn’t going to renounce my beliefs.We made an agreement that I would attend church with Sarah one week and she would come to mass with me the next.

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