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Armed with a pint of Black Velvet and our good looks, we made our way past the watchful eyes of the law.

I ordered up a couple of Cokes and made my way back to our seats, where BV was soon mixed in and consumed without hesitation.

Riot was experiencing several problems, the major of which being electrical feedback, and just plain disorganization.

They put out a tune that would knock your socks off, but the crowd was not too pleased, as they chanted for Blue Oyster Cult at the end of every song Riot did.

The turnout for the concert was rather disappointing.But upon his return, he told me Riot sounded better echoing off the porcelain fixtures in the restrooms.After about a 20 minute break, the lights went out for the second time to provide the necessary theatrical introduction for the much sought Blue Oyster Cult. After 11 years on the road, the professionalism of the group was rather apparent.1980 saw BOC return to form (after "Mirrors") with the June release of "Cultosaurus Erectus".To promote this, BOC embarked on a long and stuttering so-called co-headliner tour with Black Sabbath with the "Black and Blue" tour...

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Thanks a bunch, Blue Oyster Cult, I thoroughly enjoyed your concert, and will be looking forward to seeing you again. [I originally had this date down as Portland - now corrected. I honestly can't remember though if they appeared at the BOC/Riot show in Spokane that year. We were going down Division ave in Spokane before the show, passing a J or two around. I look out my window and through the haze is Eric Bloom alongside on his bike givin us the thumbs up (presumably for the Kronos symbol and not the know He rode that hog onstage that night for Born To Be Wild. Black Blade was an exceptional performance and the only time I heard several songs off of CE in one evening. I got on to Blue Oyster and checked the tour dates and set list. And I am almost sure Black Sabbath was not on the bill. where with the fully modular systems your only choices each night would be "more" or "less" of everything, bt with our TASCO component type system, the choices were "more bass here" "more treble there"...

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