Backdating pension credit

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Backdating pension credit

You can get Pension Credit forms from the Department for Communities. Mother was hitherto in receipt of State Pension and Pension Credit.If you want Pension Credit to start on a past or future date, you need to tell the Northern Ireland Pension Centre when you apply.

Last query regarding length of AA award-the award letter obviously gives start date, amounts and details of backdated payment.However, this does not give a end date to this award, saying if it is a 2 year award, 5 year award etc.Can I therefore take it that this is the equivalent of an ‘indefinite award’ for DLA, but as this is Attendance Allowance, would this be referred to as ‘Constant Attendance Allowance’ as there does not appear to be an end date for this award? Constant Attendance Allowance is part of certain awards of Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit or War Disablement Pension. The lack of an end date implies that your mother's Attendance Allowance award is indefinite.I'll get back to that point when my brain goes online again.Flymo, Many thanks for your answer on the indefinite award implication.

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Since arranging for application for AA and all following documentation, have always dealt with matters speedily as as quickly as practicable/possible.