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Back dating income support

The date you are paid tax credits from is usually the date HMRC receive your claim form – this is your date of claim.However, you can be paid for an earlier period in certain circumstances. The Government is gradually introducing universal credit, a new benefit which will eventually replace tax credits, and some other social security benefits.

Back to the top If your circumstances change while you are on tax credits, and you qualify for extra elements to be included, you should contact HMRC straight away so they can be added to your claim.If you claimed childcare support through the Tax-Free Childcare scheme before claiming tax credits, the 31 days backdating may be limited to the date your TFC support ended as you cannot claim TFC and tax credits at the same time.The exception to this is where you have opened a TFC account and subsequently closed it without paying any money out of that account in which case the tax credit claim can be backdated by up to 31 days into the TFC entitlement period.If you met the rules for the new elements before you told HMRC about the change, they can backdate the change to your award up to 1 month, but you will need to ask for this.Back to the top Some claims (and changes of circumstances) can be backdated longer than 31 days.

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She is not entitled to WTC because she does not work 30 hours.

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